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OWC Radio #56 – Better Is In The “i” Of The Beholder

Mixed reactions from our panel on the announcements made by Apple at WWDC last week, from excitement to disappointment, fuel the discussions on this month's episode. Topics include iCloud, iOS5, OS X Lion, iTunes Match, Mac Defender, AT&T's 4G LTE...

iCloud To Be Announced At WWDC

In an Apple Corporate press release dated this morning, in addition to Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” and iOS 5, Apple will be unveiling their new “cloud services” offering, iCloud, at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference keynote next week. The existence...

Are We Headed Towards Driveless Desktops?

The recent iMac drive replacement issue topic made me go outside the box in my own thinking and made me wonder if Cupertino, yet again, had another ace up its sleeve we just weren't seeing yet. I thought long and...

Apple Further Restricts Upgrade Options on New iMacs

Since Late 2009, there's been a well-documented issue with the iMac line. If you upgrade the hard drive, the fans can start spinning like crazy. The fans at high speed are loud, mainly unnecessary, and have caused a lot of...

OWC Has “Shuttle Night” At Challenger Center

Last night, OWC paid a visit to the Challenger Learning Center in Woodstock, IL to celebrate what would have been the second-to-last Space Shuttle launch. Though the launch itself was delayed until the 29th, it didn’t ruin the mood of...

“Be A HeadCase” Case for iPhone is worth toasting.

Like many people, I’ve had the dream of being able to drink beer at work. So when the “Be A HeadCase” Bottle/Can Opener Case for iPhone came across my desk to look at, it was just the excuse I was...

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