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Use Screen Sharing to Troubleshoot a Mac

Have you ever wished you could help a friend or relative with a Mac-related problem, but trying to chat about it over the phone or in Messages just isn’t cutting it? What you need is to be sitting next to...


🚀 TipOff #27: Mac Screen Sharing via Messages

Ever needed to help a friend or family member troubleshoot their Mac? Who hasn't? You can use Messages on your Mac to access someone else's screen and make the job easier. Open up Messages, select the name of the person...


🚀 TipOff #1: View Someone’s Screen Remotely

Have you ever had to help a friend or relative troubleshoot their Mac? An easy way to view someone else’s screen or control their Mac over the internet is to launch Screen Sharing. Search for Screen Sharing with Spotlight (Cmd...

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More Ways to Remotely Access and Control a Mac

Recently, we published a how-to guide titled "Three ways to remotely access and control a Mac". As the title suggests, we outlined three ways -- Back to My Mac, Apple Remote Desktop, and Parallels Access -- to access and control...

iChat: The Little Application with Super Powers

One of the hidden gems on every Mac sold over the last half-decade is iChat. Many people think of iChat as Audio / Text / Video chat only. And while iChat does all three of those things very well, there is a less documented feature of iChat that should put it at the top of your list of tools for helping other Mac users