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Only OWC offers iMac and iMac Pro models configured to your needs and upgraded for maximum potential.

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iMac and iMac Pro

iMac and iMac Pros are long-time favorites for users that need a powerful computer for video editing or web browsing. Their larger screens are ideal when editing video with up to 4K resolution. But for some people, the high cost kept them from purchasing their dream machine.

Why spend more than you have to on an iMac or iMac Pro? At OWC, you can find many of your favorite used and refurbished iMac models priced way below cost. We make it easy to configure your own gently used iMac Pro or pre-owned iMac to get the sleek machine capable of doing everything you need and faster! And suppose you want an iMac with more storage capacity — you can easily upgrade older iMac models (2009 & 2010, 2011, 2012 – 2019) by purchasing one of our DIY upgrade kits.

From 21.5-inch to 27-inch models, OWC makes it a breeze to get a pre-owned iMac that best suits your needs! Configure your next gently used or refurbished iMac or iMac Pro and save a bundle. For example, you can save up to $10,000 on a late 2017-2021 Apple iMac Pro! In fact, we have various used iMacs priced below $500. When you buy a gently used iMac Pro and iMac from OWC, you can rest assured that you’re getting a sleek and powerful computer that delivers the impressive performance you expect!

Which is Best for You: iMac vs. iMac Pro

Have you been thinking about buying a gently used iMac Pro or one of our pre-owned iMacs but are trying to decide which is best for you?

The short of it is this: The iMac has been touted as one of the best entry-level desktop computers that excel at handling most computing tasks. Meanwhile, the iMac Pro aims to entice creative professionals looking for a powerful computer that helps them zoom through their creative tasks.

Of course, you will need more storage capacity if you work with large media files or documents. Fortunately, at OWC, you can always add external hard drives, Thunderbolt drives, external SSDs, and other storage options to upgrade your iMac or iMac Pro.

Benefits of Buying Used

Considering a used iMac or iMac Pro? Buying from OWC is a smart decision for your wallet and your peace of mind. Our technicians are Mac aficionados who know exactly what it takes to get the best performance out of used and refurbished machines.

We pore over the details and run extensive performance tests to ensure that each machine meets our standards. At OWC, that means your pre-owned Mac is not only ready for immediate use but has years of working life left. The OWC Difference is what makes it such a great investment.

Wiggle Room for Your Wallet

In addition to simply saving money by buying a new, used, or refurbished iMac or iMac Pro from OWC, you can turn those savings into upgrades that will level up your machine for performance on par with, or even exceeding, the latest models.

Choosing a gently used iMac or iMac Pro for the long haul has other benefits too. Consider all the peripheral gear you’ve collected. Getting a new iMac means, at the very least, getting new adapters for that gear, or worst case, having to replace that gear altogether. That adds up quickly.

Saving thousands on a new, refurbished, or used iMac from OWC is a smart choice for cost efficiency, and with a few strategic upgrades, your more powerful iMac will continue to deliver savings for years to come.