Full Disk Encryption

FileVault Full Disk Encryption

Full disk encryption is a new addition to FileVault in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. In previous versions of FileVault, it had the ability to encrypt only your user home folder; In 10.7 it can encrypt the entire driveʼs contents. To use FileVault, you will need to have a password set on the user account. Prior to the encryption starting, you will receive a recovery key which you should definitely take a screenshot of and print out because if you do not have the master password or forget it, there is no way to get the data back. Once FileVault is started, it will take a while to complete the initial encryption process and your computer may feel sluggish. After the initial encryption is completed, there will not be any noticeable slow downs with your computer's performance.

To activate FileVault: Open System Preferences by clicking on the Apple Menu and selecting System Preferences.
Click on the Security & Privacy preference pane.
From within the Security & Privacy preferences, click the lock in the lower left corner of the window to unlock preference options.
Click the "FileVault" tab.
From within the FileVault section, click the "Turn On FileVault…" button to start the encryption process.