Natural Scrolling

"Natural" Scrolling

This biggest immediate shocker users upgrading to Lion will experience is the reversal of scrolling directions to a "natural" scrolling motion. This new "natural" scrolling motion is part of Apple's effort to make Lion more like iOS. It helps to imagine your finger on the screen pulling a page down in order to view what is at the top of the page. Thankfully for the traditionalists out there, Apple also provides a way to disable "natural" scrolling. This option can be found in both Trackpad and Mouse settings sections within System Preferences.

To turn "natural" scrolling off:
Open System Preferences by clicking on the Apple Menu and selecting System Preferences.
Click on either the Trackpad or Mouse preference panes.
From within Trackpad preferences, click on the "Scroll & Zoom" tab, then uncheck the "Scroll direction: natural" option.
From within Mouse preferences, click on the "Point & Click tab, then uncheck the "Scroll direction: natural" option.