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OWC Mercury Rack Pro FW800+USB2 1U RAID-0+1
1.0TB to 4.0TB of Data Redundant Mirrored Performance Striped Solutions
Powerful, Fast, & Totally Plug and Play

OWC leverages the flexibility and dependability of Mercury Rack Pro Solutions by combining two pairs of RAID 0 hardware Striped hard drives in a RAID 1 software Mirror data storage array.

Mercury Rack Pro Solutions are highly reliable and provide the maximum performance possible. But, for those who
need absolute assurance of a live data mirror, there is OWC's new OWC Mercury Rack Pro FW800+USB2 1U RAID-0+1.
This pre-configured solution will insure your data will not disappear with a failed drive. When you can't afford to lose data,
the OWC Mercury Rack Pro FW800+USB2 1U RAID-0+1 is the best choice. With capacities available up to 2.0TB,
the possibilities are endless!

rack pro
Key Features Include:
  • 7200RPM drives in an OWC-configured solution
  • 1 Software Mirrored Backup of a 2 drive Hardware (RAID-0+1)
  • Status & Activity LED Indicators
  • Large 64MB or 128MB Data Cache
  • U.S. / International 90 ~ 240v AutoSwitching Internal Power Supply
  • Two (2) Custom Oxford 924 FireWire 800(1394B) / USB 2.0 Bridges
  • Software:

  • (4) FireWire 800 (1394B) 9 Pin Ports
  • (2) USB 2.0 "B" Port
  • Shock Resistant Design
  • FireWire 800 Data Rates over 80 Megs/second
  • Two or Five Year Limited Warranty
System Requirements:
MacintoshMac: Compatible with Apple OS X 10.2
and higher including OS X 10.5 'Leopard';

All Mercury Elite Models are tested and fully suitable for Audio/Video and are Prosoft Engineering® Data Backup NovaStor NovaBACKUP® Certified.
Mic and Camera Fully Certified, OWC High Performance Audio–Video Solutions
Great storage for any profession.

OWC Mercury Rack Pro FW800+USB2 1U RAID-0+1 of Data Redundant Mirrored Performance Striped Solutions warranty2yStandard Solution
2 Year Warranty
warranty5yEnterprise Solution
5 Year Warranty
Total Capacity
640GB + 640GB 0+1 RAID 7200RPM 64MB -
1.0TB + 1.0TB 0+1 RAID 7200RPM 64MB
1.5TB + 1.5TB 0+1 RAID 7200RPM 128MB
2.0TB + 2.0TB 0+1 RAID 7200RPM 128MB

Models with Drives Feature:  
RAID 0+1 Explained
RAID Illustration
click to enlarge
Two striped drive arrays are simultaneously written with duplicate data via the FireWire interconnect. Creates a logical volume with twice (2x) the capacity of any single drive in the four drive set.
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