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Slip ‘n’ Slide Fun, With Some Not So Edible Pudding

This time around, we slide into another puzzle title from ZeptoLab with a less reflex-intensive title than their other great title Cut the Rope. So let’s get our flubber on, and play some Pudding Monsters! 

Ok, this game is cute. Downright adorable. But don’t let its colorful graphics and its I-NEED-TO-HAVE-IT-AS-A-PET globs of pudding fool you, this game can be difficult. Most of the puzzles will have you scratching your head at least for a few moments, as you slide pieces around. (…and sometimes off the board and failing the puzzle).


Looks like the Pudding may do the eating this time.

Each game board has 3 star squares on the grid. You complete the puzzle by pushing all the pieces of pudding together, to form a larger piece of pudding – generally aiming to cover as many of the 3 stars as you can. Some puzzles will have multiple solutions, requiring you to beat it with 0,1,2, and 3 star configurations before earning a crown for that level.

I am instantly cooler than you with my BOSS mustache.

The game starts you out inside the fridge, and as you progress and beat levels, you move to the next stage. Doing so gets bigger pudding globs to solve puzzles with (though this is done purely by changing the scale of the background art).

Progressing father into the game also gets you special puddings that make the puzzles more intricate. Puddings that move blocks, need to be matched up with their missing eyes, or leave sticky green trails of cartoony snot streaks on the ground are but a few of these pieces you’ll come across.

While I definitely found some levels particularly hard, I found coming back to them after beating a few others, helped me clear these with ease. If you get stuck, move on and come back, the puddings will still be there. I promise.

No, the paths on the ground are not a clue. They lie. A lot.

I really have to give major kudos to ZeptoLab for this title, not only for creating a really fun addictive puzzle game, but for doing two key things very, very well.

First, they introduce new mechanics at a good pace. I’m never bored, and I’m not throwing my phone because I have 14 new things to learn on level 4. Been there, it’s not entertainment, it’s frustration. For each new mechanic we’re given we get a very brief intro video with a little animation on how the new bit works, and the first move to beat that puzzle.

Secondly they do a GREAT job of advertising in their product and showing what else they have, without making me go blind staring at ads, pop-up windows, or any other less-than-awesome methods developers have used over the years.

If you leave the game idle, or pause it, a little rope ring appears. Tiny. Unobtrusive. Pulling on it drops down their news menu which shows their other titles and other bits of info.


Simple, clean, and VERY well done, Pudding Monster’s graphics are a great example that you don’t need complex 3d models to have a great game. I can’t pinpoint anything that I would change, so for that, it get’s a perfect score.


Tons of content, replay value, and variety in puzzles as you progress through this title. I very much enjoyed the experience to the point of actually completing the entire game during my time of review. That being said, I still have a few more levels to get a crown on, so my quest continues!


Catchy sound track, and adorable little gasps and giggles from the pudding monsters have me smiling as I lose levels. While nothing I would demand a pair of Sennheiser’s for, but still great audio.


A lot of work and thinking went into this title, and its great to see more puzzle games based on skill and not chance. Perhaps the industry should start separating the puzzle genre into two categories. While there are a lot of games that require shifting pieces on a puzzle grid, Pudding Monsters, does a great job of keeping each level fresh, addictive, and just challenging enough to be a fun and entertaining title.


I had a blast playing this one. It’s not a super difficult title, but it provided a lot more challenge than Flow in my previous review. The challenges keep coming, and there was no shortage of content. Ontop of that ZeptoLab has stated they will be adding even more levels to Pudding Monsters shortly! I eagerly await the challenge, and can’t wait to see what new pieces they throw our way.


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