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Happy Birthday App Store!

It’s been five whole years since the App Store launched, and going from mere hundreds to nearly a million apps. Apple has decided to make five awesome titles free, for a limited time.  Typically I tear a game to pieces before I post about it here, but today, consider this a preview not a review.

1)   Badlands

One of the more artsy titles I’ve seen, using pure black on the entire foreground, and monochromatic backgrounds to keep the game lively.  Reminds me of World of Goo in terms of art, but seems to lend itself more towards platformer than puzzle title.

2)   Infinity Blade II

Now this absolutely gorgeous title, I have had the pleasure of playing, but not enough to give it a full review ( yet ). The graphics are intense, but it plays more like Where’s Waldo, meets any game involving slapping your finger wildly across the screen to score points. Please be aware that the deaths in this game are rather intense. What they lack in gore, they make up for in the imagination that went into each killing blow.

3)   Super Brothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

I am such a sucker for pixel art. Perhaps it’s more akin to a book, and more is left to the imagination? Maybe it’s your mind filling in the parts that aren’t created as you mentally relive your adventure at a later date. Whatever it is, I am very excited to give this one a try and will be reviewing very shortly, so keep an eye out.

4)   Tiny Wings

Oh these poor birds.  Not quite enough to fly, you essentially go up and down hills almost akin to a dirt-bike, in motocross, albeit flying much, much, higher as you progress through the title’s levels.  With procedurally generated levels, and a game based on physics, looks like this one is worth a try too.

5)   Where’s My Water?

From the masterminds at Disney, comes a water physics puzzle game about showering a crocodile, or alligator, not quite sure. I do know that they promise 4 new puzzles a week, for free, and with a library of already over 200 puzzles, this is one that will also be making the review list.

So all in all some diverse yet very artsy titles in this bunch, and hey, they’re all free for a limited time. That’s a good enough reason for me to snag them and play at a later date.

Happy Birthday App Store, and thanks for the wonderful surprise!

Rocket Yard Contributor
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  • I like the Tiny Wings and Where’s My Water, and they are really interesting.