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2013 Retina MacBook Pro 13″ Unboxing, Under-the-Hood Gallery

We got our hands on the latest Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch model with Retina display.

UPDATE: OWC Now Offers SSD Upgrades for 2013-Current MacBook Air & MacBook Pro with Retina display models


[nggallery id=55]

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  • Is it possible to recover data from this drive by plugging it into a PCIe port on my PC’s motherboard? Trying to recover data for a friend and was stumped when I saw this connector.

    • Hello Quas,

      We are very sorry but we can not recommend putting the SSD from a Retina MacBook Pro into your PC. We can however recommend the OWC Envoy Pro!

      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  • I am trying to recover data from the SSD after a liquid spill on my Macbook Pro (A1502 EMC2875), and the SSD connector is unlike any I’ve seen before. Is there an adapter to connect the ssd to any other system? I desperately need to get photos from the drive for clients!

    • Hello Lucas Evanochko,

      We do have a compatible external enclosure to fit the PCIe SSD from this 2013 MacBook Pro (11,1). The OWC Envoy Pro will allow you to connect to any computer with USB 3.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact OWC!

  • I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013) I have 512 GB but want to get a bigger SSD, can I do this?

  • Hi, Ihave the Macbookpro 13 inches late 2013 model with 120GB SSD and want to upgrade to a higher SSD capacity. Can I do this? what is the price for different options? THank you

  • I would like pricing on RAM & SSD for the Mac retina late 2013 model. I plan to replace parts myself.
    Can you give me a price on the max amount of RAM. 2X 8Gb from my research. price for 500 750 & 1TB gb SSD. Thx for your help I’m looking forward to se what is available.

    • Hi, Nathaniel. Unfortunately the RAM in your MacBook Pro with Retina display is soldered in and not upgradeable. OWC is hard at work on SSD upgrades for your model, but we aren’t quite ready to make any official announcements at this time. Stay tuned to the Rocket Yard for official announcements. Thanks!

  • i want to up great ssd my macbook pro retina (mid 2014) i can’t fined my ssd please help me what type ssd i can put in my macbook .

    • Hi Rasel, while we’re hard at work on a solution for your model of MacBook, we’re not ready to make any official announcements yet.

  • So the SSD would be available eventually correctly? I am really deciding whether or not to get the new macbook pro 13 with just the i7 and 16 gigs of ram for work. i can leave it at 128 gb and upgrade it in the future.

    • That is correct. We are working on upgrades, but can’t speak to timeframes for new products here on the blog.

    • There is currently no SSD upgrade available, but OWC is hard at work on even faster SSD options for all the new PCIe SSD-based Macs for next year.

      • Do you mean to say that you guys have given up on finding a SSD replacement for this model (and focusing on other models that’ll come out next year) or that you guys are trying to find a SSD replacement for this model that will probably come out next year?


        • Sorry if that was not clear. We are working on an upgrade for this model for a release next year.

  • So the form factor of the SSD here and in the most recent Airs is different, even though the connector is the same type?

    • No. Unfortunately, the memory is soldered to the motherboard in both the 13″ and 15″ models and is not upgradeable by the user.