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Even At Great Distances, OWC Thunderbolt Cables Perform

PR_OWC_30MThunderboltWhen working with audio and video, noisy storage equipment can hinder the creative process.

But with longer length Thunderbolt cable options from OWC, you can move noisy storage appliances to an equipment closet or separate soundproof machine room for a quiet and productive workplace without sacrificing performance – even when working with 4K video transfers!

In fact, with cables up to 30 meter (almost 100 feet) long, you’ll be able to make your workspace as large as you need it. And even over these long distances, OWC’s cables will still perform with speeds of up to 20Gbps!

As you can see in the table below, during our testing with the Late 2013 MacBook Pro booting to OWC Mercury Helios 2 with two 480GB 
Mercury Accelsior_E2 PCI Express SSDs set in a Disk Utility software RAID 0, we found no significant difference in performance between the longer cables and shorter cables:

As seen in this table, OWC’s testing shows no significant speed differences in longer cables.

The DigLloyd Medium test was performed with Adobe Photoshop CC, and it tests latency – the time for the data to travel. We performed nine DigLloyd Medium tests and ten QuickBench Extended tests per cable length and took the average of all of the test runs.

But OWC’s cables don’t just go to great lengths for you, our cables are ultra slim and durable with a “zero-bend” radius so you can run them around corners anyway you need and get this blazing fast performance even when they get tangled and bent!

So expand your workplace while still getting top-notch performance from your storage appliances even at long distances with OWC Thunderbolt cables!

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  • I can confirm that the thunder bay is way too noisy for use in a recording studio. In addition to the fan noise, the unit itself generates a sound. I think even in an office, it would be distracting. Fortunately i was able to locate the thunder bay in an adjacent storage room, and all is good!

  • So the Helios 2 is noisy, is it? I would have thought it should have been quiet with a few SSDs installed.

    Can you boot Bootcamp off a SSD in the Helios 2?

    • Certain situations, such as in an audio-recording studio, are very sensitive to sound. If your equipment is sensitive enough to pick up the whisper-quiet fan in the Helios 2, you have the option to use an optical cable to move the device far enough away to allow proper recording.

      Installing Boot Camp on an external hard drive is not supported.