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Benchmarks, shootout videos, etc..

Writing Code With Apple’s New M1 Macs – How Does it Stack Up?

If you have read my other blog posts, you will already know that I'm pretty enamored with the new M1 Macs. The first one that entered my life was the 2020 M1 MacBook Air I purchased for my daughter, who is taking classes remotely for her first year of college. She kept raving about the battery life because she could...

M1 Video Benchmark

VIDEO TEST: M1 Air Beats 16-inch MacBook Pro

Over two weeks of hands-on experience with the M1-powered MacBook Air has taught me one important lesson: never judge the capabilities of a computer by its size. What prompted writing this article? A Universal version of the Blackmagic Disk Speed...

M1 MacBook Air: Benchmarks and Hands-On Review

Apple's MacBook Air has always taken the back seat to the much more powerful MacBook Pro, but a look at the newest MBA powered by Apple's M1 System-on-Chip shows that the thin and light notebook can now claim the title of "speed demon" as well.

SSD Cuts Load Time in Half on Xbox One

Xbox One with an OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro SSD I had a very simple question recently, and that was as follows: Is it possible to get faster load times out of connecting a USB SSD to an Xbox One?​ The...

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