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OWC Thunderbolt Cable Tops Competition In Testing

PR_OWC_30MThunderboltRecently we showed you on the OWC Blog that our Thunderbolt cables offer great performance even at lengthy distances.

Tech website TweakTown also ran some tests recently on a variety of Thunderbolt cables from various makers, including OWC’s 1 meter offering, to get a head-to-head look at the cables’ performance.

Unsurprisingly, OWC’s Thunderbolt cable more than held up against the competition.

In fact, TweakTown’s Blackmagic Disk Speed Test with a Late 2013 MacBook Pro with Retina display showed OWC’s cables to be the fastest in both read and write results!

Check out the results from the testing below:


And not only do OWC’s Thunderbolt offer top performance, but they’ll also save you cash as the most affordable 1 meter option listed! We also offer options up to 30 meters in length and our Thunderbolt cables are ultra slim and durable with a “zero-bend” radius so you can run them around corners anyway you need and get this blazing fast performance even when they get tangled and bent!

For complete results of TweakTown’s testing, check out the benchmarks here.

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  • I need a 15 foot Thunderbolt cable. The new Mac Pro means that it can sit on my desk, but my drive remain in their rack. There seems to be a dead zone with available cables. Normal ones max out at 2 meters and then the optical ones start at 10 meters. Is there any chance that something in between will be developed? I doubt that I’m the only one.

    • We do offer a 3.0 Meter Thunderbolt Cable – which I understand doesn’t get you to your required 15 feet. For copper cables, that is going to be the maximum length possible. For longer runs – you need to go with an optical cable.

      Those typically start at 10 Meters and go up form there – and that’s pretty much a cost of goods issue. In producing shorter lengths, the costs don’t go down. Therefore the end pricing would result in a shorter cable that sells for as much as the 10 Meter cable. Since optical cables can be twisted, bent, crimped, tied in a knot, etc. and still transmit their signal, it is generally thought that if a 10 meter cable and a 5 meter cable both are the same price, that a cost savvy consumer is going to go for the longer length for better options down the road.

  • Nice scale! The biggest advantage is only about 4%, but it’s been made to look like nearly 80%.