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Just Getting To Know ‘You Don’t Know Jack!’

YOU-DON’T-KNOW-JACKLarge“You Don’t Know Jack!” Actually that’s a lie, more likely than not, you know quite a bit. But all that becomes rather relative in Jellyvision’s/Jackbox Games’ multiplayer trivia game.

YDKJ for the iPad is the next game in a very long line of games that have been living on the consoles of my generation for a long time. To see a free version of YDKJ for the iPad is amazing. So get ready to be slapped around with some sarcasm, because well… You Don’t Know Jack!

What can I say? I love tongue-in-cheek humor and sarcasm. And Cookie, the game’s host, is never shy about dishing out shovels of it at you. Every answer in the game, right or wrong, has a snarky response that will have you laughing.

Fans of the series will remember some of the fun mini-games that happen, such as the “Jack Attack” or “Dis or Dat”, which offer more rapid-fire trivia matching responses, vs. the longer to answer “I need to think about this” question. However fans of the series may be slightly disappointed in the iOS version, as the rounds of trivia are, sadly, quite a bit shorter than its console brethren.

Remind me to consult the developer for other great tattoo ideas.

However a lot does translate from the original title, including the fake products and their commercials mid game. Though they also have actual commercials as well, as this is most definitely a “freemium” title, but after watching they will give you a free round of YDNK. Rounds typically cost coins, which you can earn by being a freakin’ rock star at trivia. Why a rock star? Because the game has ridiculous ways of asking a question. For example: “Which “Taken” sequel would star Liam Neeson as someone who actually had a child kidnapped?” to which the answer is “Taken 7: Charles Lindbergh Gets Revenge“.

That poor bird. Oh well that’s what you get for re-enforcing speech problems.

As much as the insults in the game aren’t over the top offensive, those who are easily offended will probably dislike the title and its constant battering of its contestants. Personally, I find that to be part of the charm of the game. Cookie’s clear spoken, and rather outspoken, commentary is what makes this trivia game so great amongst the Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune clones. The game is multiplayer, though I did not decide to tie the game to my Facebook account; I was still able to play as a guest, which is perfect. So kudos to the developers for not forcing me to link the game to Facebook. Sure, I get more random people playing, but whatever.

As for my personal performance … apparently I’m so bad at this game I get to spin the “loser wheel”. Thanks.

All in all it’s not the cats meow of trivia games, but it’s definitely the most amusing given you can take a few light-hearted jabs at your education and general pop culture IQ. Guess it’s time for me to go get a bowl of “Allergy Clusters” cause “They’rrrrrrrrrrreeeeee not gonna kill ya”. * snickers *

I really don’t even have anything to say to this.


OK, let’s be fair here. It’s a trivia game, what do you expect out of this? 300,000 polygon models and lifelike textures? Pfffft. Menu’s are clean, and the text pops. Good enough for me.

Gameplay: Rating-Bar2

I love this series I really do, but as a fan of the series I felt really disappointed in the length of the games. Especially since I only get one free game a day.  Sure If I win a lot I get more coins to spend on games, awesome. But maybe it’s just me but 5 questions seems like a far cry from the original series which had either 21 or 10 questions depending on the game mode you choice. Sorry Cookie, you’re getting punched in the kidney for that one.

Audio: Rating-Bar5

And here’s where Cookie will give it right back to me. This is flawless. Everything is hysterical and Cookie’s commentary really sets the game apart. If it wasn’t for his iconic voice-overs and snarky responses, this would be just a really bland, weak trivia game on the iPad/iPhone. So kudos!


Trivia games aren’t exactly the new kid on the block, and have been around since the dark ages of gaming. So not a high scorer here, but as stated before in my reviews, dropping a point or two here doesn’t mean much.


What a disappointment. I’m sorry. I love these games. I really, really do. But each game being so brutally short, I feel like I’m just getting jerked around by someone who wants to get money. I get that that’s the goal – everyone wants to make money. But come on, let’s not be so blatant about it, eh? Those who have not had the pleasure of playing one of these games, please pick this up – its free. Those who have, please remember to keep your expectations down, as this is just a mobile version of a console great.

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