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Hydrate Your Life with Plant Nanny Water-Reminder App

Plant-NannyWho knew that fulfilling your basic human needs could be so fun? If you’re anything like me, drinking an adequate amount of water each day can be a surprisingly difficult task, especially when coffee is your main source of hydration. Today I’m reviewing the Android incarnation of the app Plant Nanny, a true game changer in the lifestyle app universe that reminds you to drink water regularly. Plant Nanny is a beautiful and functional game that is endearing and accessible to users of all ages.

At the start of the game, inputting your physical stats yields an estimate of how much water you should be consuming. You choose the size of the glass of water that sustains your plant, establish a water goal and pick from an array of adorable plants. Watering is easy – drink a cup of water and tap the glass icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. That’s it.

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After a day or two of watering your plant levels up, and when he’s fully grown you’re given the option of moving him to the garden. As bittersweet as it is to say goodbye, in the garden he produces seeds you can use for buying rare plants, custom backgrounds, and special water that revives dead plants. If you’ve grown too attached to your companion to plant him, you can watch video clips from advertisers to earn seeds instead.

My Plant Nanny garden.
My Plant Nanny garden.
Plant Nanny
Choose your new buddy.

The simplicity of this app is what fuels it. It’s engaging enough to keep you interested, but it’s also really low maintenance. The only hiccup the game presents is that you are unable to access the tutorial after starting the game, meaning you best remember what is said at the beginning. After I made a drinking cup that was too large, it took nearly half an hour for me to remember the specific place onscreen that I needed to tap to edit the glass size. For your sake, I have circled the thing:

Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny


Graphics: Plant Nanny Rating-Bar5
Plant Nanny’s detailed, inviting graphics are such a breath of fresh air (or a glass of cold water…) that I was actually interested in taking care of my little plants to see what they’d look like as grown ups.  Everything from the plants to the pots they live in is customizable and beautifully illustrated.

Gameplay: Plant Nanny Rating-Bar3
The “gamification” of drinking water is pretty solid – my desire to play the game overrode my innate laziness. I would pay for this app if the developers gave the plants a personality or another level of interactivity, but as a habit tracking app, Plant Nanny does its job well.

Audio: Plant Nanny Rating-Bar2
There are relatively few sounds, which are mostly just responses to actions – liquid swirls as water fills your cup, and the plant giggles with delight in response. I’m usually an advocate of all things cute, but what starts out adorable becomes merely another obnoxious reminder to turn the sound all-the-way down when everyone in the office knows you’ve just drank your tenth glass of the day.

Additionally, there are some discrepancies I found between the Android system volume and the game settings volumes that MAKE THE SOUND EFFECTS REALLY LOUD. You can easily avoid the mistakes I made by simply never filling up your glass while listening to music on earbuds…

Innovation: Plant Nanny Rating-Bar5
The concept behind this app is simple but powerful, and I love its simplicity. Plant Nanny takes one of those habits we all need to improve but never get around to, and turns it into a fun and dynamic experience. As much as I’d love to say that apps like Lift and Chains.cc changed my life, I honestly can’t, because no emotional bond was ever forged. Plant Nanny succeeds where others have failed by giving obvious rewards and consequences for the upkeep of habits.

Overall: Plant Nanny Rating-Bar4
If you’re looking for a solid lifestyle app that you’ll actually keep up with, this is it!! Plant Nanny isn’t going to entertain or distract you from your busy life, but it’s going to improve it. Whether you’re a kid who is learning health basics, or an adult revisiting neglected habits, this water tracking app is an excellent way to keep you accountable for your goal. And let’s face it, the little guys are adorable.

Plant Nanny plant5

Plant Nanny is available for both iOS and Android ecosystems.

Rocket Yard Contributor
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  • I have noticed that some of my plants in the garden are on cinderblocks and some aren’t. It doesn’t seem to have any correlation to plant, pot, water intake, etc. I also couldn’t figure out how to add the cinder block. Can you please explain?

  • I never got a tutorial when I downloaded it, and my first plant is in a plain white pot. Tried to change it but cant seem to. Its in my garden now, can the pot be changed now?

  • Some of the achievements that I’ve completed are not registering as completed. So I’m not getting the “stamp” that I should be getting. For example, I have 3 different plants in my garden but it’s not giving me the “flower power” stamp. Theres other stamps I haven’t received also. Does anyone know how I can get these to register?

  • Thank you for the information, i couldn’t find it anywhere else.
    I have another question:
    Now my first plant is grown up, i planted in the garden. And now what?
    How do I get a new plant? In the shop it isn’t possible to select one. Or an new pot….

  • I have plant nanny app installed in my old android and installed the app in my new phone, but I am not finding a way to transfer my information , progress, pkants, etc. to new phone. I am not seeing a login so I can retrieve my information.

    • Yes you can, if u pull up the grey bar at the bottom then you can add cups, different size and adjust the quantity. However you can only have one main one, which ever one you use the most you can star on the grey bar, but you can still use the other cups if you hold them down once you have pulled up the grey bar.

  • I had this app for a few years now, but I deleted it like more than a year ago when my phone data storage was almost full. I just redownloaded again and all my plants I had are gone and the shop reseted itself. When I try to ‘validate’ that I have Walkr to get the plants and stuff from the shop, it won’t register. Then when I checked for the Doggii achievement, it won’t register the app when I have it on my phone. Does anybody know how to get my old data back?

  • I have been using the app for the last 6 months or so and I do like it. I have been out of the country for the last month or so and I have not opened up the app during that time. Will all of my plants be dead now? will I have to start all over again? is there anything that I need to do before I reopen the app so that my month absence doesn’t affect my history? I also noticed the app storage increases with use.If I delete the app and then re-download it, will I lose all prior history?

  • I really want it to make a sound to let me know it is time to drink water. I went to notification and set it to remind me every 2 hours…but never hear a sound at notification. Does it do this and if so how do I set it?

    • If your phone ringer is on and high enough, your phone should notify you. I personally have vibration and ringer turned on, on my phone and I always get both when it sends a notification. I have an iPhone 5s and I haven’t had problems with sounds. Good luck, and I hoped this helps!

    • I could have written word by word as to what you did. Have never ever had any kind of reminder. Like you I have full both notifications on !

  • I can’t get any free seeds.. I’ve had the app for 2 weeks now and I only got 1 free seed til now. My friend downloaded the app yesterday and she got 8 free seeds but when I click it says ‘no free seeds available at the moment. Please try again later.” I keep trying but nothing??! Anyone knows if i can do something about it?

    • I think i have the same problem. My gf gets all the seeds she wants. I think this is the difference between android and apple. Apple gets all the ads and android gets fewer ads but this means there isnt always an ad available to show you.

    • I have had this issue as well. You have to complete exit out of the app each time and you should get the free seeds. At some point when you have a lot of plants you will no longer even need to watch the video at all, but you can of course!

  • How do you choose a new plant after you put your first one in the garden, I’m clicking on the buttons but all it allows me to do is download a plant and it’ll tell me a description and that’s all I can do

    • Swipe on the plant and it will move to the next plant. Continue swiping until you find the plant you want. You cab do the same thing to choose your pot. When you’re done, click plant it.

    • When you are planting the new seed into a pot, first, pick a new pot by swiping to the side on the pot and the pot will change to different pots. Then pick your seed to plant.

  • How do I know if my plant is dead? I didn’t drink a lot yesterday and now my plant is sad and droopy and it has a voice cloud with (x)’s for eyes and a squiggly mouth. Is it dead…or dying? Do i only give drop of life when it is dead?

    • If your plant is dead, your plant will look brown and black, have X’s for eyes and have a speech bubble with a skull. If your plant is DYING but not completely dead, then it will look yellow, have x’s for eyes and have a squiggly line in the speech bubble. If your plant is dying but still holding on for dear life, that mean you need to step up your game and drink your sufficient water amount for te next consecutive days and not miss any days, and your plant should be happy enough and healthy again. Long live the CACTUSES (cacti? Like octupus? Cactopuses? Octocacti)who knows…) Good luck!!

  • I have been using Plant Nanny on my iphone. Can I access my “account” on my ipad? I would like the convenience of being able to add my water to my plant on either device.

  • How long before i get a reminder notice if I have not had anything to drink for a while? Can we adjust a reminder time? Does it have to be water or can it be any liquid?

    • Hello Sue,

      Plant Nanny is a water-reminder app and will help you intake a healthy amount of water!

      Depending on when you last had a drink of water, a notification will be sent. There is no way to adjust the reminder time. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

      • Actually, I found that I can adjust the reminder times. Go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom. There is a Drinking Reminder tab. You can be reminded every 2, 4, 6 hours or there is also a custom option.

  • I really enjoy plant nanny, it does help me drink water or my poor little plants suffer. I now have the magic hat pot, with a cabbage plant but I have not seen rabbits come out of the hat(pot) yet. Any suggestions?

    • The store (menu icon, shop icon) or when your current plant grows up, and you are planting a new plant, click the new plant and it should switch do a different category so you can choose your new plant.

  • I didnt realize I didn’t log my last glass of water until the next day. Is there any way to log on past dates?

  • Hi I had over 1000 seeds on my old phone now I got a new one (the phone is same number, service and type of phone its and iPhone 6s Plus) does anyone know how to transfer my seeds?

    • I accidentally deleted the app! I redownloaded and it wants me to start all over. It’s still saved in my Game Center. How do I get my garden back?

  • I am going to the mountains for the weekend and have no cell service. How can I put this app on hold until I get back. I will be out of service for 3 days. I don’t want to lose all of my plants!!!!

  • How do I edit the list of water bottles on my shelf? And how do I change the default one on the main page?

    • You can go in to the bottle are and tap on the bottle or cup you would like. One of two thing will happen: either you will see a bubble that has a star and a trash can or you will select it and it will go up as your main bottle. If you get the bubble with the star and trash can, click the trash can to delete the bottle or click the star to set as your main bottle. I’m not sure what how to delete a bottle if you don’t get the bubble though. I have an iPhone but I’m not sure how different the android version of the app is from the Verizon for the apple products.

  • I’m drinking 20 oz. at a time and can’t get my app to register each bottle. How do you update your water intake?

  • I have a friend who does this app with me and she gets 2 free seeds each time (8) times so a total of 16 free seeds a day. I still only get 8. We’re on the same level why does she get 2 for every watched video and I only get 1?

    • When its time to harvest,try to click on ur plant as many times as u can(very fast) before the seed falls down and ull harvest more. I can get up to 30 seeds off the plant that produces I seed per day.

  • If anyone knows how to use those little seeds that your grown plant produce…let me know.i have had tons of this appear on my 2 grown plants but when I touch them they just fall into the same pot they are hanging on. I would like to use them to start another plant!

      • How do you plant them though when it comes up with a plant pot that says plant a new plant or something along those lines it wouldn’t let me do anything I’ve tried taping it but it doesn’t do anything please help !?!?!

  • I love this app but can’t get it to work on my new Samsung Galaxy S6. Please help, app crashes everything I open it. I’ve tried installing several time and it’s a no go.

    • I had the same problem on my Galaxy S6 Edge. I had a glitch in my phone after a system update, and ended up having to factory reset it. I had been using Plant Nanny and loving it. But, when I re-downloaded it after resetting my phone the app would crash Every time I opened it. I downloaded it from the Amazon Appstore instead on Google Play, and it works kind of. The Flowershop won’t load on mine now, so I dan’t get any new plants.

  • I like the app very much, and it has helped me to stay hydrated (I hate drinking water). But it needs more directions. Is there a tutorial?

    • If you click the menu icon and then the wrench icon, you should see different setting categories. Click on “About” and then “why plant nanny” and te original instructions that are presented from the beginning should come up again.

  • What happens now that my plant has been put in the gardent, it is still in a plantpot. What do I do now? And I want to change the plantpot of my new plant and nothing happens when I tap the new pot.

  • Hey, how can I change the scenery? I already unlocked all available scenes in the flower shop, but how do I use them?

    • I clicked on to the landscape icon and picked one of the downloaded landscapes I wanted and clicked on it and it changed automatically. It will only change for the current plant and not for the ones you have in your garden

    • Hit the menu icon, then the icon that looks like mountains and a circle (between the wrench and the shop icons) and all the backgrounds that you have unlocked should be there. Select one and the screen should go back to the plant and the background should change to the one you select.