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New KX Patterns Help Brighten the Holiday Season

nuguard_kx_5_flowerThere are certain things you just naturally love – a slightly melted ice cream cone, a puppy in a festive holiday costume, the snooze button and, of course, your NuGuard KX Case. But sometimes those things you love can get even better – think of the unstoppable combination of peanut butter and chocolate, the phenomenon of adding marshmallows to hot cocoa, a whole pile of puppies – you get the picture.

And even though it was hard to improve upon the NuGuard KX Case (I mean seriously, it survived a toss off a wind turbine), we’ve made this case even better!

Yes, the same case you have come to know and love for its X-treme protection, ease of use, and indescribable awesomeness is now available in new patterns for the iPhone 5/5S:

Zen Blossom

Our Zen Blossom KX Case (above right) will brighten your day with its sunny yellow background, delicate white flowers, and smell of incense (just kidding on that one – it’s a phone case, not a scratch ’n sniff). As an added bonus, because it’s a KX, you can maintain your Zen if your phone should tumble to the ground. Its safety is ensured whether or not it lands on your padded yoga mat.

Retro Rainnuguard_kx_5_retro

Don’t be fooled by its groovy, laid-back appearance, man – this phone case offers major protection.

Inspired by a shower of righteousness, the Retro Rain KX Case is a fashionable way to honor the days of bell-bottoms, avocado-colored appliances, and all things psychedelic.

And if a phone case can survive the 1960s, you know it has to be good.

Stars & Stripenuguard_kx_5_us_flag2

Show off your patriotic side with the OWC Exclusive Stars & Stripes edition of the NuGuard KX Case. The Stars & Stripes KX lives up to its name with the 50 stars and 13 stripes of Old Glory decorating the back.

And for all you traditionalists out there, don’t worry—the NuGuard KX is still available in classic favorites such as Roulette Red, Darkness, Eagle Shield, Trooper, Buzz, Rose, Nubar Forest and Midnight.

Fans of the NuGuard KX for iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S, and 5C should also check out our line of NuGuard KX products for the iPad Mini, iPad Air, and Samsung Galaxy S4. We threw these down the stairs too and trust us, they all offer the same level of protection you’ve come to expect from the NuGuard KX name. And don’t forget, you can also get KX protection for your screen with the KXs Screen Armor.

And although these new patterns are available just in time for the holidays, you could also gift one to yourself as a pick-me-up from the increasingly depressing weather. But no matter what your reason, now is a great time of year to buy a KX Case and protect your phone from whatever comes its way.

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  • New cases for old products is great and all, but people want cases for the 6 and 6 plus. What’s the hold up? Not even any info on your website about it either.

    • Hi Troy, we’re not quite ready to make an announcement yet. We want to ensure the KX cases we deliver for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus meet and exceed our standards of quality, protection and performance. Please check back with the Rocket Yard for official announcements.

  • We are STILL waiting for the NuGuard KX Cases for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus… Can you tell us when they’re coming?