Quick Tip: New Website Features List of Siri Commands


While it’s almost always there for you, Siri isn’t always the most helpful tool. But often, that’s because we don’t know what we can and can’t ask it.

To make things easier, there is a new website that lists many of the different Siri commands that are actually functional. The site, hey-siri.io, makes for a very good quick reference guide to the voice-activated virtual assistant’s abilities and will continue to add more to its list. The list contains the most familiar commands, but also contains some lesser-known commands such as Device Control & Settings, HomeKit capabilities, People & Relationships, and more fun commands like Decisions & Random, and Funny.

Siri will also be making its way to Macs this fall with the release of macOS Sierra and will hopefully bring a new batch of capabilities. For now, though, you can see what Siri currently can do for you at https://hey-siri.io.

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