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Report: Apple to Launch Modular Mac Pro in 2019

About a year after Apple invited journalists to its Cupertino campus to discuss its future Mac lineup, the company has given an update on its modular Mac Pro plan.

According to Tech Crunch’s Matthew Panzarino, who returned to campus for the update, the new Mac Pro will not arrive until sometime in 2019.

“We want to be transparent and communicate openly with our pro community so we want them to know that the Mac Pro is a 2019 product. It’s not something for this year,” Tom Boger, Senior Director of Mac Hardware Marketing, told Panzarino. “We know that there’s a lot of customers today that are making purchase decisions on the iMac Pro and whether or not they should wait for the Mac Pro.”

In addition to the Mac Pro news, Panzarino said that Apple has created an in-house Pro Workflow Team, which consists of employees focusing on “pro” products and working together.

“We’ve gone from just you know engineering Macs and software to actually engineering a workflow and really understanding from soup to nuts, every single stage of the process, where those bottlenecks are, where we can optimize that,” says Bogar. “… because we build the hardware the firmware the operating system the software and have these close relationships with third parties we can attack the entire stack and we can really ferret out where we are we can optimize for performance.”

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Aside from these updates, no specifics were given regarding the new Mac Pro, and we likely won’t learn more at WWDC, according to Panzarino.

For much more on his visit with Apple, read Panzarino’s article at:

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  • I heard rumors about a delay until 2019. I didn’t really believe them until I read it in the Rocket Yard!

    Will the new Mini also be delayed as part of the modular design? Did anyone bother to ask that question of Apple?

  • We’ve gone from just you know engineering Macs and software to actually engineering a workflow and really understanding from soup to nuts, every single stage of the process, where those bottlenecks are, where we can optimize that,”
    Should have done this in 2013 when the trashcan came out. What have these guys done in the meantime? For heavens sake: this is a billion dollar company!
    One year ago they anounce a new MacPro and now they “just think about the workflow” GIVE US A POWERHORSE and WE will organise OUR worklfow!!!

  • What happened to Apple design? This beast looks as if it had been designed by a team of Klingons managed by Darth Vader.

  • I get very worried when Apple starts talking about “engineering a workflow”. It means they will be engineering the workflow that they think would be good for us users, and not necessarily what it is that we users would like or need. They will turn the whole computer into some ridiculous new conceptual thing that will force us all to relearn everything.

  • If they brought back the tower, that would be fantastic. The Mac Pro is so limited due to it’s round design when it comes to expansion. The silver tower was the best thing Apple made, then they dropped it and the server blades, thus crippling the possibilities for the future. So frankly I’m skeptical. But maybe I’ll be presently surprised… :-)

  • I loved my 2010 MacPro, bought new when released. I bought a second one, a 12 core model a few years back. I love these 2 machines and the form factor. Adding HD, SDD, extra PCI cards, etc. I’m with those who say to reintroduce this form factor.

  • Grumpy photographer who had his workflow orphaned by Apple dropping Aperture wonders how useful it is for Apple to “understand workflow” for the new Mac Pro.

  • The #1 problem with a 2019 release of a new modular Mac Pro is the recent announcement that Apple plans to ditch Intel and build their own processor. Clearly they plan on waiting until it’s ready, and it means Mac Pro users will once again be forced into buying a CPU that’s extraordinarily non-upgradable. Then when Apple figures out there isn’t enough demand to keep innovating CPUs, they’ll throw that program away and leave users twisting in the wind. Again.

  • Eagerly and patiently waiting for its arrival.

    I purchased a MacPro 4,1 in 2009 which I still use everyday and has enabled me to be very successful. If I drop 10K on the upcoming model it will be a drop in the bucket and money well spent.

    Love hearing the Mac vs PC debate, others crying about the trash can etc. The tears are delicious.
    Keep em coming while I sit here and make the money!

  • This is ludicrous. Apple should just make headless Macs, including mini, miniTower and Tower. Nothing new here. The industry has been doing that for decades. Just make it now. With Thunderbolt displays.

  • No need to reinvent the wheel. Revitalize the 2012 Mac Pro form factor with updated software, graphic processor, OS, etc. The 2012 Mac Pro is awesome because of its practicality and ease of upgrading, etc. The black ‘Ashcan’Mac Pro needs to be added to the Apple museum of weird computer designs such as the Cube , eMac, iBook Clamshell, etc.

  • I don’t need it but, I’m salivating. It all depends on how easy it is to go inside and modify, there for lasting to see me out.

  • That’s nice, hardware and software integration by Apple. But, I don’t need a super computer for 500MB Photoshop files, but I do need workflow. What happened to a beefedup Mini?