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Microsoft Edge Web Browser Comes to macOS

Microsoft Edge
[Image via Microsoft]

This week Microsoft announced the first preview build of its Microsoft Edge web browser for macOS. Built on a Chromium open-source foundation, Microsoft says developers “can expect a consistent rendering experience across the Windows and macOS versions of Microsoft Edge.” Great! But what about those of us who aren’t building for the rest of us?

Feels like a Mac App?

Unlike so many other applications developed for Windows that seem to be ported to Mac as a reluctant second thought, Microsoft notes that they are committed to making Microsoft Edge feel as natural to Mac users as possible. This includes matching various macOS conventions for fonts, menus, keyboard shortcuts, and title casing. That will be a breath of fresh air for those of us who are constantly cursing the wrong keystroke while working in something that looks and feels like Windows – because it will look and feel like a Mac. Or so they declare.

Not only are they paying close attention to the software experience, but Microsoft indicates they are leveraging certain hardware features available on Mac like contextual actions through the Touch Bar and enabling familiar navigation with standard trackpad gestures.

Microsoft Edge Touchbar
[Image via Microsoft]

Want to give it a spin?

Microsoft has opened what they call “Insider Channels,” and anyone is now free to download and test drive a preview version of the web browser. And they want your opinion. You have been given the power to make the product better by submitting feedback to the developers directly from within the browser itself. Well, maybe it’s not so much power as it is giving you a false sense of significance as to your direct impact on the project. ☺️

I’ll spend a bit more time over the next few days or weeks (or minutes if it becomes too painful an experience) and write up a review. But in the meantime, if you have any interest in adding yet another application to your web browsing arsenal, take it for a spin and let us know your initial thoughts!

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