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Is an iMac/iPad hybrid in the works?

Usually, speculating about patents and prototypes before they’re announced—especially with Apple—winds up proving fruitless (no pun intended). However, a couple of days ago, Patently Apple, who follows such things, reported on one potential device that we couldn’t resist talking about.

This particular patent, submitted in January, appears to be for an iMac with an ability to  switch between OS X and iOS, depending on how the screen is oriented and/or gripped.

Naturally, there are pros and cons to this, so we got some brief reactions from various staffers here at OWC to see what they thought:

  • “kinda like a stationary iPad…but with more power and functionality (dual OSs)” – OWC Grant
  • “Don’t need it, unless it’s iOS4 or make a bigger version of the current iPad…the Super iPad.” – OWC Mike H.
  • “I can’t wait to find my three-year-old on my desk shaking my iMac back and forth playing Doodle Jump… of course, I would probably be next in line.” – OWC Erik
  • “This would be a great start if Apple is trying to compete with PC in the retail marketplace. Touchscreen computers make for excellent POS terminals, interactive sales displays, and the like.” – OWC Michael
  • “Just what I want—a 27-inch iMac screen with fingerprints all over it… The adjustable display stand is cool though.” – OWC Chris S.
  • “Sales of microfiber cloths are about to go through the roof.” – OWC Jamie

Of course, all this is mere speculation based off of a patent. As we have seen several times in the past, just because Apple patents something doesn’t mean that it’ll ever see the light of day.

It would be kind of neat if it did though…wouldn’t it?

OWC Chris S.
the authorOWC Chris S.
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  • LOL @ Jamie

    If it functions like an iMac with a touch screen I would love one! Imagine the next generation of MMORPG’s with the addition of a touch option! It gives me goosebumps!

    If anything, being able to play “TapDefense” on a giant scale would be so much fun! :D