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Evo-Certified Video on the Envoy Pro FX for Intel

There is a new possibility available for people looking for a travel-ready, high-end, thin, light, PC laptop with excellent battery life. Your solution is Intel’s EVO platform and the new ‘Engineered for Evo’ program for accessories.

The Evo Platform

Intel’s Evo Platform has introduced its third iteration with the launch of the 12th Gen Core processor.  The updated Evo badge offers an easy way to identify premium thin-and-light laptops that have been verified by Intel to meet the Evo platform requirements. 

In order to be EVO certified by Intel, these laptops must meet or exceed a series of real-world experience tests and standards. Getting an EVO-verified laptop assures that you are getting a high-performance computer while trusting Intel’s rigorous certification program-identified specs that guarantee a faster, better, and lighter machine.

What qualifies as an EVO laptop?

There are a clear set of specifications that make an EVO laptop suitable for certification. To begin with, it must run the Intel 11th gen Tiger Lake Core i5/i7 processors, while having Intel Irix Xe graphics or later, or the new 12th Gen Alder Lake Core processor. There must be at least 8GB of dual-channel RAM, along with 256GB of internal NVMe SSD storage. Additionally, EVO-verified laptops are required to have a bright and high-color FHD or better, and a display that is between 12-16 inches in size. 


The usage time differentiates an EVO laptop from many others on the market, and the batteries must be able to provide at least nine hours of use under demanding real-world tasks. This all has to be possible on a single charge which allows you to keep working whilst enjoying a high level of responsiveness from the machine.

Recharging speed

If that wasn’t enough, it must also recharge to at least four hours of battery life in less than 30 minutes. Intel’s criteria are more than just the numbers of ram and processors, partly because the focus is on its bright, colorful display and long-lasting battery. The whole package ensures the EVO machine is always going to perform well. 


These machines must support Thunderbolt 4 and Wi-Fi 6 (Wi-Fi 6E for the new 12th Gen Core-based designs as standard) and have a USB-C charging port.  

How to find the Evo certification

The EVO certification badge will be clearly displayed for easy recognition so that potential users will know that this machine has met all of the necessary criteria. This makes it different from the vast number of computers available today, so you know exactly what you are getting.

EVO peripherals and accessories

EVO machines are very capable, but it is also essential that your peripherals will be able to keep up with the high-speed machines. The “Engineered for Evo” accessories ensure that everything connected to your high-speed machine will perform at the same high standards as your laptop.

The Envoy Pro FX SSD from OWC 

Envoy Pro FX
Envoy Pro FX SSD

OWC has developed the Envoy Pro FX SSD, which is an Engineered for Intel EVO accessory that helps your EVO perform at its optimum potential. This certification is a recognition of the exceptional performance you will experience when you pair Envoy Pro FX with Thunderbolt technology and Intel Evo laptops.

Engineered for EVO accessories maximize your premium experience with select Thunderbolt™ accessories optimized to run best with Intel® Evo™ laptops.

ENVOY Pro FX specs

The Envoy Pro FX provides the best in class performance from any interface you connect to, with transfer speeds up to 2800MB/s. It connects via Thunderbolt with a USB-C connection. The Envoy Pro FX is available in four capacity configurations: 240GB, 480GB, 1TB, and 2TB.  Safety is important too, and the aluminum enclosure is rigorously built so that it’s certified dustproof, drop-proof, and waterproof.

Gaming, graphics, and video

The Envoy Pro FX can handle almost every challenge with audio, video, photo, graphics, and gaming. Intel Evo certified video allows you to work quickly and efficiently, especially when you are on the move. Whether you’re looking to work with files from an older machine, backup personal files, or do some in-field large format video editing, this powerful drive is built to deliver. 

OWC is proud to be part of the Engineered for Intel EVO accessory family. Are you using an Intel EVO verified machine?

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