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An Award-Winning Presence At Macworld 2011

Well, another Macworld Expo has come and gone. While Apple isn’t a live presence any more, OWC has taken up the hardware torch and managed to keep things hopping with our new OWC Mercury Aura Pro solid state drives.

When it comes to upgrading your 2008-2010 MacBook Air, the only upgrade avenue you have is to replace the internal drive with something faster. OWC’s Mercury Aura Pro line of SSDs allows you to upgrade your MacBook Air’s internal drive to a super-fast, Sandforce-based SSD, which provides not only a tremendous speed boost, but also offers consistent performance over time due to the wear-leveling technology in all OWC SSDs.

But enough about the Auras themselves; we’ve had plenty to say about them already. It’s time to talk about all the love the Mac media community has given us.

Let’s start off with the big guns – the “Best of Show” awards. The OWC Mercury Aura Pro Express for 2010 MacBook Air won three of these prestigious honors:

  • One from Macworld magazine, host of the Expo, themselves.
  • One was in the form of a 2011 Mac|Life award from the magazine of the same name, who “can’t wait to get our hands on these babies.”
  • The last was from, who gave us their “Best Mac Hardware Upgrade” title and  noted that “the blazing fast data transfer rates and higher capacity make the MacBook Air even better.”

And that was just the tip of the iceberg. We also had a ton of interviews (both on the SSDs and on many of our products), including such notables as:

Of course, then there were the most important to us: the throngs of people—average, everyday users like you—who came out to see us to get a first person view of our SSDs and all the other leading edge products OWC offers.

Thanks For The Love everybody!

OWC Chris S.
the authorOWC Chris S.
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