hall of jusatice background with zoom logo

Adding a Zoom Background

If you’re like me, you’ve gotten really familiar with Zoom over the past few weeks. It’s not that I didn’t use it before, but now instead of being in a room with a bunch of my coworkers connected to another room or two also with multiple people, we’re all by ourselves in our homes. In one of my Zoom meetings this week, someone had a cool space themed background, and I made a mental note to get myself some cool backgrounds.

Bill Murray and a Groundhog in Superbowl 54 Jeep commercial

Super Bowl 54, Bill Murray, and a Groundhog

Having grown up in Illinois and Wisconsin, I didn’t really have a horse in the big race, which pretty much meant being able to kick back, enjoy the football, food, and of course, the commercials. I teared up at Google’s Loretta, loved the message from Microsoft’s Be the One, and was intrigued by Michelob’s 6 for 6. But the commercial I was most looking forward to was the Bill Murray Jeep commercial.

Commentary: Mac Pro Users Spoke and Apple Listened

The news that Apple is rethinking the development of their flagship Mac Pro reminded me of a quote that Steve Jobs attributed to Henry Ford during the 2000s. It goes something like: "If I’d have asked my customers what they...

Looking Back At OWC Over The Years.

While I celebrate my 13th anniversary of working at OWC this month, I thought a virtual stroll down memory lane might be informative and entertaining. When I first came here, there were only about six employees, so we all did...