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Leaders & Game Changers

Leaders & Game Changers audio podcast

Beth Messina & Morgan Cronwill

How Reiki Improves Health & Wellness Practices You Need to Try Today

“There is negative energy in the body, whether it is emotions, trauma, or negative energies that build up and cause disfunction just like nutrition so when that divine energy comes through me, through these hands onto my clients…it is a powerful relaxation energy release session.” In a world filled with instant gratification desires, perfect and yet unrealistic filters, and a...

Bryan White, Darryl Worley, Andy Griggs

The Country Rewind Tour & Power of Collaboration

"Don't be afraid to really let it all hang out in front of other artists or other writers when you're writing with them. I always say you learn a lot by being vulnerable, and work hard, develop your craft as a writer and as a singer, and don't be afraid of constructive criticism because you're only going to grow from that." – Bryan White

Bitcoin, BTC, ETH, Etherium, Swanbitcoin, crypto, cryptocurrencies

Steven Lubka & Cory Klippsten on Why Cryptocurrency is Everywhere

When you look at your social media, turn on your TV, and listen to conversations with friends and leaders you admire, a constant conversation topic is Cryptocurrency. You have heard the terms… Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto, Digital Currency, NFTs, and more. For the ones in the know…they know. When you read people’s tweets, it seems like a foreign language to newbie listeners and admirers.

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