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$10,000 Gift Card, Zombies, & Slow Cars – OWC Radio #16

Ah, the joys of owning a new camera. Tim Robertson talks about his new Sony DSLR 300K, iTunes $10,000 gift cards, Plants vs. Zombies, Mac and iPhone gaming, and much more. Links from the show: Plants vs. Zombies sold over 300,000 copies Capture Internet Radio on your Mac The Mac vs. iPhone game experience Review of Macspeech...

OWC’s Laura Park & the Mac News – OWC Radio #15

Is Adobe coming out with CS5 already? What $25 Million will get you. Are the Apple Police out in full force? Is the new Apple remote worth picking up? Many questions, and an interview with OWC’s Laura Park on this...

Macworld Expo 2010 Day 3 – OWC Radio #14

This show starts in the studio, then moves back in time to the last day of the Macworld Expo, including a visit to the OWC booth and OWC Radio on the main stage. Joining Tim Robertson on the main stage this...

Macworld Expo 2010 Day 2 – OWC Radio #13

OWC Radio spends another day on the Macworld Expo showroom floor, visiting Bill Palmer of BeatWeek, Guitar Toolkit, TuneUp, the OWC Booth, Sennheiser, TransTech Systems, Microvision, Wisair, Dr. Bott, Sam Levin, David Cohen, and Josh Long of MacTech Magazine. Links...

Macworld Expo 2010 Day 1 – OWC Radio #12

Day one of the Macworld Expo 2010 find OWC Radio visiting Urban Tool, Joby, Apogee, Music Skins, and of course the Other World Computing booth! We have some great conversations with Lloyd Chambers and Chuck Joiner. Be sure to drop...

Interview with Harry McCracken from the Technologizer – OWC Radio #11

Harry McCracken from the Technologizer joins host Tim Robertson for an interview, including the popular This or That segment. Topics include the iPad, computing in the last three decades, Star Wars, and Macworld Expo. How can you get into podcasting? Tim gives some...

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