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And now for something completely different…..

We've decided to expand our video offerings, not only are we developing and expanding our instructional series of how-to videos, but we are starting our educational series of videos. The first in this series is a look at exactly how a MacBook becomes a Modbook here at OWC.  Some Macworld Expo attendees saw the original footage at our booth before...

Auto repair and computer repair are not too different.

In my adventures as a technician, I have come across a number of people who want to upgrade their own computers, but are not quite sure what to do. Actually, I empathize with them, because while I can take apart...

High-quality, low-cost video animation.

For those of you who need some quick-n-easy animations for a movie, but don't want to lay out the cash for high-end post-processing software, there is another, less expensive option. You can use Keynote - part of iWork - to...

More Upgrade Videos from OWC!

OWC's library of instructional videos is growing by leaps and bounds. This week we've put together some how-to videos for a few simple upgrades for your G5 tower. We've made it easier to find the new videos, too. While you...

Don’t forget the restart

I was working with my MacBook 1.83GHz over the weekend (ok, not really "working" more like playing) and went to use the built in iSight via the PhotoBooth application when I noticed the camera wouldn't come on!  No green light...

iPod 5G Battery Installation Video now available

For those of you wishing to upgrade or replace the battery in your 5G iPod, a how-to video has been posted in our Tech Center. This is a very difficult upgrade to perform, but if you are feeling courageous, the...

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