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Mr. “Sunday Sunday Sunday” passes away

While this truly fits our Random Thoughts and Topics category on the blog, there was nothing random about Jan C. Gabriel if you grew up in the Midwest in the 1960's and 70's. His memorable radio spots for US 30...

Some tasty Friday leftovers for Cyber Monday feasting

One thing is for sure...when OWC Larry has a good deal, he just loves telling the world about it...and very often before the "big day". I gotta a bet here with OWC Michael that Larry likely had all his Christmas...

Stop the Flash before it starts!

Don’t tell some of the designers around here, but I really hate Flash content embedded into Web pages.  Sure, its great when you’re watching YouTube videos or listening to streaming music on sites like Pandora Radio. When you get to...

Repurposing technology can save big bucks!

Who has the iPod shuffle 1st Generation anymore? I don't anymore. Sure there are a few around, but really... You want the latest, greatest, longest lasting iPod. You may have the latest, greatest, almost longest lasting iPod... Almost?!? Any iPod...

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