Migration Assistant


Q: If I update to 10.7 Lion, will TRIM be supported on my OWC SSD?

A: Apple is currently only supporting TRIM for Apple installed SSDs, however the benefit of TRIM is limited due to the technology used in OWC's lines of SSDs. TRIM is a utility that maintains the performance longevity of SSDs by scanning the drive and looking for data that has been erased in the OS and turning those data blocks into empty space. This is useful for certain SSDs due to their inefficient or absent Wear-Leveling technology. The lack of Wear-Leveling for certain SSDs significantly lowers the performance and life-span of those SSDs. In contrast, the OWC Mercury Pro and OWC Mercury Aura SSD lines utilize DuraWrite(TM) technology, which provides exceptional wear leveling, thereby greatly extending the endurance and overall reliability of the drive without the need for TRIM.

Q: When will updated software/drivers be available?

A: This will vary. We will be testing and working with manufactures so you can check back here for updates on the status.

Q: What will happen to my Time Machine backup on my External Drive?

A: Time Machine will continue to function normally after the upgrade. As an additional note, all of OWC and NewerTech's external solutions support Time Machine backup encryption, which is a new feature of 10.7 Lion.

Q: Will full screen apps work with the OWC and NewerTech USB Video Adapters?

A: Yes full screen apps will work with the USB adapters except for those that require Quartz or OpenGL such as Keynote presentations, iPhoto slideshows and iMovie.

Q: Will Migration Assistant cover my Bootcamp partition?

A: Yes, OS 10.7 Lion does now offer support for Windows file migration.

Q: Will my OWC SSD work with FileVault Full Disk Encryption?

A: Yes this feature is fully supported on the entire line of OWC SSDs.

Q: Will my OWC or NewerTech external drive work with FileVault Full Disk Encryption?

A: Yes this feature is fully supported for all OWC and NewerTech enclosures.

Q: Will my OWC Mercury Pro or OWC Mercury Aura SSD work with the Resume Feature?

A: The resume feature of 10.7 Lion allows you to automatically reopen everything on the desktop after a reboot or shutdown. It does so by saving all the stored data in the memory to the hard drive and then restoring that data when the restart or power on is completed. This is similar to what happens when a laptop is powered back on after running out of battery. This feature is fully supported on all OWC SSD lines.

Q: Are there any known programs or applications that will no longer work in 10.7 Lion?

A: Because 10.7 Lion no longer supports Rosetta, there will be some software programs that no longer work. For example, Quicken 2007 and earlier rely on Rosetta and will not work if the machine is updated to 10.7. Rosetta is also used in some older versions of Adobe Photoshop. Creative Suite 2 and earlier will no longer work if the machine is updated to 10.7. If you suspect you may have a program that relies on Rosetta, check with the manufacturer of the software before upgrading to 10.7.

Q: Did Disk Utility add support for RAID 5?

A: RAID 5 (Striping with Parity) is still not supported through Disk Utility in 10.7 Lion.

Q: Does Mac OS 10.7 Lion add support for Blu-ray?

A: Burning of Blu-ray data disks and backups have been supported since OS 10.5, however viewing commercial Blu-ray movies is still unsupported.

Q: Any changes to the way my NewerTech NuPower Battery will report in 10.7 Lion?

A: There have been no changes to how they report their charge or capacity.

Q: What are the minimum hardware requirements for upgrading or installing 10.7 Lion? How does this compare to 10.6 Snow Leopard?

A: The requirements for Lion have increased over what was required for Snow Leopard. Make sure your system meets the requirements.

Lion Requirements
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor
  • Memory: 2GB of memory
  • Free Drive Space: 7GB of available space
Snow Leopard Requirements
  • Processor: Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • Memory: 1GB of memory
  • Free Drive Space: 5GB of available space