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Mavericks gets some great iOS Features:

- Maps
Google maps is a mainstay of a lot of searches, but having an integrated map feature in OSX has certain benefits, especially if a you use several Apple devices. For example, it allows you to create turn-by-turn trip directions and transfer these from a Mac to an iPhone where audio prompts can guide our way once you're on the road.

Here is a view of the main OWC campus:
Energy Saving Enlarge
Here is an example of turn-by-turn directions from the OWC's Illinois campus to Apple's headquarters.
Energy Saving Enlarge
- Automatic Application Updates
OS X Mavericks now offers the option to install updates when they are ready. The default setting is off, but you will be asked if you want to turn it on the first time software updates are installed. "Software Update" in System Preferences has been replaced with "App Store". The default settings for App Store are:

The default settings for App Store are:
  • Automatically check for updates
  • Download and newly available updates in the background
  • Install system data files and security updates
"Install app updates" and "Automatically download apps purchased on other Macs" are not set by default. Selecting "Install app updates" will allow OS X Mavericks to update applications automatically as in iOS7.

The first time you allow the Mac to install updates it will ask if you want to enable automatic updates.

Updates Enlarge
Updates Enlarge
Automatic updates can be enabled or disabled through the App Store system preference.
Updates Enlarge
- iBooks
An iBook is Apple's name for ebooks. These are generally EPUB files that are static text and pictures. There are multimedia capabilities, however, including user interactions and reading to the user through VoiceOver. Prior to OS X Mavericks iBooks were limited to iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touches. OS X now includes an official iBooks application that has the same functionality as iBooks on iOS including:
  • iBooks Store where you can purchase new iBooks.
iBooks Enlarge
  • iCloud syncing between all devices using the same Apple ID account.
  • Editing such as adding notes, highlighting, adding a bookmark, and even where you left off reading will sync with iCloud.
Sync Enlarge
Kindle and Nook users have had access to functionality like this for a few years now. iBooks on both iOS and OS X is a big step in expanding Apple's market share.

- Calendar
The Calendar app now has a sleek, flattened design.
Calendar Enlarge
The new event inspector has been simplified yet is more powerful than previous versions. It can show you the location on a map, provide travel times, and provide the weather forecast.
New Event Enlarge
The Calendar app in previous versions of OS X did not offer scrolling. If you wanted to move from one month to the next, for example, you had to select arrows that advance the entire month. The Calendar app now offers continuous scrolling which will allow you to scroll forward and backward in time and view six weeks of dates no matter where they fall in the month.
November 2013 Enlarge
- Notification Center
Notification Center was first available in iOS 5 and made its move to the desktop in OS X Mountain Lion. Notification Center provides quick and easy access to your email, meetings and more. It uses banners (just information) and alerts (information with available user interaction) to let the user know of new items.

OS X Mavericks improves brings new features to the Notification Center:
  • Updates from websites
  • Web developers use push notifications in Safari to keep you up-to-date on website changes even when Safari isn't running. Example uses of this could be winning an auction, a recent package shipment, or a product update.
  • More interactive notifications
  • You can quickly respond to a message, FaceTime call, or a message without interrupting your workflow.
  • A quick view of all of the notifications that occurred while you were away from the computer is displayed at the log-in screen. This is a simple way to see what you've missed.
Here is an example of iTunes showing the "Now Playing" song in a banner notification.
Rush Chronicles
Here is that same banner notification interacted with the mouse moved over it. A "Skip" option is displayed that will skip to the next song.
Here is another example of Software Update showing an alert about needing to install updates.
Updates Ready to Install
The same alert being interacted with.
The options for "Later" are:
  • Try in an Hour
  • Try Tonight
  • Remind Me Tomorrow
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