Additional Testing with Three ThunderBay 4 Drives and a Mac Pro

stopwatchLast week, we showed the incredible performance that’s possible when connecting three OWC ThunderBay 4 four-bay solutions to a 2013 Mac Pro. Our testing achieved nearly 4,000MB/s with both a 3 x 12TB HDD and a 3 x 1.0TB SSD setup. That kind of performance was previously only available with rack-based storage.

After showing these possible speeds on the OWC Blog, we’ve had several requests to show even more benchmarks with the three ThunderBay 4 drives and Mac Pro.

Check out below for our new and original benchmarks, and imagine how you could enhance your demanding workflow with the ThunderBay 4:

3 x 12TB HDD: Blackmagic, AJA System Test Report, and OWC’s original QuickBench testing





3 x 1.0TB SSD: Blackmagic, AJA System Test Report, and OWC’s original QuickBench testing




Check out the original post for more details on the incredible performance that immediately available with the ThunderBay 4 and Mac Pro! Newsfeed
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