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Tech Tip: How To Calibrate an Apple Laptop’s Power System

The battery performance in our mobile devices is a priority. We need our MacBooks to last the entire day, so we’re not inconveniently tethered to a wall for a recharge.

All batteries will inevitably begin to show their age after a certain number of charge cycles. Fortunately, many batteries in Apple laptops can be replaced when the original has reached the end of its lifecycle. offers a wide selection of NewerTech replacement batteries for Apple laptops that offer up to 50 percent more capacity than the original factory battery.

But simply replacing your battery shouldn’t be the only step you take to get the most battery life in the future from your laptop. After installing a new battery in a Mac, the next thing you need to do is calibrate the power management system.

macbook-air-13-inch-battery-installedWhile NewerTech batteries are shipped up to 30% Pre-Charged, it’s absolutely essential to calibrate the power management system after installing any new battery from NewerTech or any other brand. The power calibration process syncs the computer’s power management system with the battery, which allows your battery to achieve its fullest charge capacity and lifespan, and allows the system to accurately display the battery level.

After you install the new battery, calibrating the power management system is done in a few simple steps:

1) Verify installation by turning the Mac on without a power adapter.
2) Charge the battery to 100%.
3) Charge two more hours.
4) Tweak the energy saver settings (click here for more details).
5) Unplug and drain the battery.
6) Leave it off and unplugged for at least 5 hours.
7) Charge to 100% again.

After completing these steps, you’re finished! The new battery will be able to achieve its fullest charge and reach its full lifespan, and the system will display an accurate battery level. You can also reuse these steps to recalibrate the power management system every few months if desired. For complete calibration instructions, check out NewerTech’s guide at:

NewerTech batteries are made from top quality Lithium-Ion cells, last up to 50% longer than factory batteries and come with a 1-year limited NewerTech warranty. You can also replace the battery in many iPhone and iPod models with NewerTech. And to learn more about recycling your old battery, please visit:

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  • Verify installation by turning the Mac on without a power adapter.
    Charge the battery to 100%.
    Charge two more hours.
    and get the help for secure password or resetting visit

  • In my MacBook Pro trackpad three-finger drag not working. What is the region?

  • The newertech battery i installed had 0% power,
    couldn’t verify installation by turning the mac on
    without a power adapter. Mac has connected to power 3 hrs ago .A few mins ago it was 68% charged, now 100%, ido not understand, something

    • Thank you so much for your comment Hasan. I will be reaching out to you by email for some troubleshooting!

      I look forward to speaking with you.

  • Thanks for the reminder. I had a new batt for the MacBook from you (as well as a SS hard drive) and all works well. The only thing I need now is a few replacement keys… space bar; E; A; T; N; O. She’s been a wonderful machine which I have used 16 hrs a day since about 2008!