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Rocket Yard Video: Get Inside a 2016 MacBook Pro Simply and Safely

Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro models are not the easiest to open. Dating back to 2001, opening Apple’s pro laptops has been a simple task that involves removing a few screws and lifting the bottom panel off. The 2016 MacBook Pro models provide a little more work to get into, but with the opening technique shown in this video – coupled with the right tools (linked to below) – opening a 2016 MacBook Pro is quick and easy.

Tools needed:

About the Video:
This video was shot in UHD 4K using Panasonic LUMIX G7 mirrorless cameras at our design center located in beautiful downtown Austin, Texas, and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro on a Mac Pro upgraded with 64GB of OWC memory and OWC drives.

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  • Apple has used the pentalobe screws on a variety of laptops for a few years now; I’ve encountered them on MacBook Airs and older MacBook Pros

    In fact the second and third ones I have came from OWC battery replacement kits for those :-) The first one I bought at a local computer supply store.

    Also Apple isn’t the only one using them. I’ve encountered them on HP and Dell systems as well.

  • When selling the stupid specialty drive, how about including ordinary Phillips screws to replace the specialty screws?

    And its hard to find replacement screws; they are so easy to get lost. How about a 12 pack of various lengths to fit numerous Mac models?

    • The screwdriver should be Pentalobe compatible. You can find a link to the correct tools below the video. Thanks!

    • Sorry about that. It’s actually not garble, but it’s an uncommon name. I should’ve displayed the name on screen so it was clearer. “Pentalobe” compatible screwdriver. Thanks for pointing that out, and thanks for watching! – Mike H

  • Amazing. Thanks. And then, what for, since all inside us soldered or with proprietary connectors?

    • The base model 2016 MacBook Pro does have a removable SSD, and you never know what products and upgrades that could be made that would benefit from the bottom plate being removed. Thanks for the comment, and thanks for watching.