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Understanding macOS Server Part 2: Serving a Small Business

 Find the entire macOS Server series here! This is the second in a series of Rocket Yard articles in which we take you through the setup of macOS Server. macOS Server is an app that runs on macOS Sierra, providing services...

Understanding macOS Server Part 1: Background and Setup

 Find the entire macOS Server series here!  Upgrading macOS Server to High Sierra: You May Not Want To Do It Have you ever wished that you could run your own Apple Mail server or host a website from your own Mac?...

macos mail compose preference window and mail app icon

QUICK TIP: How to Set a Default Account in macOS Mail

I have six email addresses: five business ones and one personal address. If I don’t set a default mail account, each time I write a new email it's sent from one of my business addresses. If I want to send...

digital audio setup

Building a Digital Audio Setup With OWC

The Mac is a powerful tool for digital creators, especially when it comes to musicians. Every step of the music production process can be done right on your Mac. But as your skill level increases, you'll find yourself wanting to add new items and equipment.

macOS Big Sur Messages app and Screen Sharing app icons

How to Use Messages to Share Your Screen With Others in macOS

You can use Apple’s Messages app on your Mac to share your screen with another person who’s also using the app. Conversely, they can share their screen with you. Start Screen Sharing Launch the Messages app on your Mac and...

Malware icon on computer screen

The Top Mac Malware Types and Adware Tricks of 2020

Today, I am going to write about trends in Mac threats. But first, I want to provide some data. Mac malware detections are gaining on Windows. In 2019, Macs were infected almost two times more than Windows. Mac malware detections...

linux terminal window showing command line entries for installing lamp

LAMP & WordPress on a Reused, Recycled Mac mini Server

Our trusty Mac mini Linux server Although it's tempting to look at one of the new Apple Silicon Macs for various purposes, older Macs still have a lot of life left in them. In previous articles, I've set up a...

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