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Organizing Your Mac: Handy Tips to Help Remove the Clutter

Perhaps you’ve been working on your home Mac since the pandemic started and are suddenly realizing that you can’t find documents when you need them. Maybe that Mac has been in use for a much longer time and the struggle is even worse. Today, I’ll provide some tips on keeping your digital life organized on your Mac.

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Smarter Smart Folders

Smart Folders have been around in one form or another since OS X Tiger. For a while, the Finder’s sidebar included a dedicated Search For section, with predefined Smart Folders that displayed apps and documents you used "Today," "Yesterday," or "Past Week." There were also Search For entries for "All Images," "All Movies," and "All Documents." These smart searches were a popular feature and served as an introduction to what Smart Folders could do. Now it's time to dig a little deeper and discover some of our favorite saved searches.

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How to View a File’s Pathname in Spotlight

Spotlight is a handy macOS utility that allows you to quickly find documents, applications, files, and folders on your Mac. It can also serve up the latest weather forecast, movie times, currency exchange rates and even look up someone in...

Quick Tip: Adding Searchable Comments to Any File

A growing number of people are going paperless, which means that they’re trading piles of bills, statements, and other documents for virtual file cabinets that are stuffed with the electronic equivalents. A file name like “Electric Bill 03-2018” might be...

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