Mail and Messages

Mail has two new features that will increase productivity and reduce the complexity of sending an email.

This is basically what it sounds like. It is a way to annotate images or PDFs before sending an email. The markup options are adding a straight line, arrow, cartoon bubble, text, freehand drawing and even, signing the document using trackpad. Markup can be accessed by adding a photo or pdf to an email, hovering the mouse cursor over the top right corner of the picture and selecting "Markup" from the drop-down menu.
Markup in Yosemite

Markup in Yosemite

In previous versions of Mail you had to use a different program such as Preview or Skitch to perform the markup actions. Now with Yosemite it can all be done within the Mail program.

Mail Drop
Mail Drop allows you to send large attachments through email by uploading to iCloud (up to 5GB). If the receiving person has Yosemite the attachment will be downloaded normally. If they do not have Yosemite they will get a link that is live for 30 days to download the file. The major benefit here is that different email servers have different limits on the maximum file size they accept. This could lead to an email being bounced back if an attachment is too large. Mail Drop will overcome this potential limitation.

Messages now has an option called Soundbites. This is a way to record short audio clips and send them to buddies. The theory here is that sometimes it is easier to say what you want instead of typing it out.
Yosemite's Audio Clips


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