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Notification Center was first seen in Mountain Lion as a central hub for notifications from applications, services, emails and messages.

The very top of Notification Center offers two buttons, one for "Today" and one for "Notifications"

The Today view is the default view when Notification Center is opened. This shows the current and next day of reminders, appointments, stock market, weather.

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The order of the information can be rearranged and customized by activating the Notification Center selecting the "Edit" button at the bottom of the screen. You can turn off items by either closing the red circle or by clicking and dragging them from the Today pane to the Items pane. You enable them by clicking the green circle or clicking and dragging them from the Items pane to the Today pane. You can also customize them, by adding a zip code to Weather, for example. Additional extensions can be found by selecting the "App Store" button at the bottom of the window. Select "Done" at the bottom of the window to save the changes.

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Notifications view is relatively unchanged from previous versions of OS X. This is where the most recent messages, emails, social media updates, as well as notifications from applications are seen.

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Apple provides Calendar, Weather, Stocks, World Clock, Calculator, Reminders. Third party widgets are available through Mac App Store. Most of this was hidden away in Dashboard in previous versions of OS X. Dashboard still exists in Yosemite, but may be on the way out as Notification Center takes on more responsibilities.

Notification center is now an overlay and does not shift screen to the left as it did in previous OS X versions.

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Notification Center Notifications Enlarge

Notification Center can be accessed by clicking the bulleted list icon in the upper right-hand corner of the window or by using a two finger swipe motion from the right edge of the a trackpad towards the middle.

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