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OWC Turbine is now online and operational.


OWC got a little greener today. Our new Vestas V39 Wind Turbine went online today and is now generating the electricity needed to run the OWC corporate facility, including its datacenter, with plenty of energy to spare, which will be sold back to the local power company.

By going the extra mile and planning to generate more than 100% of its total power needs on-site, OWC demonstrates its commitment to the future, its community and the environment.

For more information on the OWC Wind Turbine, as well as the rest of our “green” corporate headquarters, please visit:

M. Chris Stevens
the authorOWC Chris S.
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  • And… you just got my business for life. Seriously. So don’t raise prices :)

    At least for me, this stuff is serious. The idea that you guys do not need to take any power form the grid is awesome.

  • A little correction….

    This turbine is rated for up to 500 kilowatts of production per hour, not per day. :)

    Annually, based on our areas wind profile, the average is expected to be in the 200kw per hour range for about 1,250,000 produced annually.

    Now that the Turbine is up and running, we are working on getting those data points into an application where we can display them online. All in the works. :)

  • Will you put up stats on how much power it generates each day and issues you run into along the way?

    It would be worth promoting as well as being a resource for other small companies thinking of doing something similar.

    • We’re pretty committed to promoting the development of this kind of project so we’ll share what we can.
      The turbine as designed is able to produce 500kW per hour…and so far the only issue is that we needed to create a pictorial presentation and play it at our retail store ( as we have a lot of local drive in traffic wanting to see the turbine as well as learn more about it!