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Rocket Yard Guide: The Best Communities for Mac Gamers

The Mac gaming space is bigger than you might have thought. So today, the Rocket Yard is bringing you a guide to the best places to buy Mac games and to find like-minded gamers for community discussion and interaction.

Of course, if it’s hardware that you’re looking for, you can find what you need at and upgrade your computer’s gaming performance


Places to Buy
Steam: Steam is the current king of the digital market. We’ve covered Steam previously, but it remains one of the easiest places to buy Mac games. A giant list of features, sales and community reviews can help you make the purchasing choices you want. A refund option within 2 hours/2 weeks can also help prevent buyer’s remorse.

Keep in mind that the way Steam works for Mac game developers is they only get their money on a Steamplay title if you have installed the Mac version of a game within 30 days of buying it. Otherwise it goes to the PC devs instead.

Mac Game Dev Stores: All of the major Mac porting houses have stores for their games. I like to try and buy from these as they most directly support the developers.

  • GameAgent is the spot to find all things Aspyr, such as Borderlands 2 or Civilization V. It is a reliable site that also has a cool Mac Match feature that lets you see whether a game will run on your Mac. If you want Aspyr goodness, don’t miss out on GameAgent. They also have member exclusives and occasional giveaways of games and Mac computers, so be sure to sign up.
  • The Feral Store to find all your favorite games from the felines of Mac game porting. It may not offer much in the way of features, but it’s easy to use and has plenty of support.
  • Deliver2 is Virtual Programmings store. So if you’re trying to buy Chronicles of Riddick or Overlord 2, you should head there.

Good Old Games: is an awesome site for DRM-free older classic games, many of which are available for OS X. They also offer certain new releases, but if you want Wing Commander 3 or Redneck Rampage on Mac, among hundreds of other old-school titles, check out GoG.

Macgamestore: Another favorite place to buy is MGS. Most of the items they offer give you Steam keys, but even better is the rewards program they offer. A robust desktop app with performance matching features and wish lists rounds out this stores appeal.


Community Resources
Looking to join in the greater Mac gaming community to talk or ask questions? There are several places around the web you can do this.

Steam provides discussions and forums on a per-game basis, making it a great spot to share photos, ask developers questions or find people to play multiplayer titles together with. Just navigate to a game in your library and find the community options.

  • MacRumors offers a Mac/Windows forum that is a favorite spot for Mac fans to share and ask about Mac gaming goodness. Don’t miss out.
  • The Mac gaming Reddit is also an excellent area to find news and ask questions. You can also find Reddit threads for individual games to share.
  • Inside Mac Games is not as big as it used to be but is still an incredible resource for archived content and a small but loyal community that isn’t afraid to have fun. The forums are easy to use and the users are very welcoming to newcomers.

You can find your latest and greatest Mac gaming news from the awesome MacGamerHQ and MacGameCast websites.

Where do you buy your Mac games and share in the community? Let us know in the comments!

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