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The Big Picture at FCPX: Thunderbolt 4, macOS 11, Apple M1 Macs, and iPhone

final cut pro x (fcpx) logo

In the wake of COVID-19, Final Cut Pro recently hosted their 6th annual conference virtually.

The FCPX Global Virtual Summit was held from November 16-22 and featured seven days of cutting-edge sessions, presented by top industry professionals.

OWC wrapped up the conference with their platinum sponsor session featuring industry leaders: Larry O’Connor, Sam Mestman, Jeff Greenberg, Peter Wiggins, and Jonathan Sims.

The session was facilitated by Sam Mestman, CEO of We Make Movies.

What’s new with Thunderbolt 4?

thunderbolt lightning bolt icon graphic

Larry O’Connor, CEO, and Founder, of OWC, discussed the recent release of the new Thunderbolt 4. Larry explained to Sam that it essentially provides the same capabilities as the Thunderbolt 3 on a Mac; however, the previous challenges incurred on a PC have now been eliminated. In the past, Apple did the full Thunderbolt implementation, where the PC previously didn’t support devices with power delivery properly.

The dock has a built-in hub with additional ports and an external device with the primary feature being “hubbing.” “Every port on the hub is a full 40-gig port and you can now put multiple Thunderbolt ports on the same hub,” said Larry. It’s more convenient now to disconnect and reconnect items that you want to take in and out of the chain, and you can more easily rearrange workflows, and put more ports on the device, while not limited to just one hub.

macOS and compatibility

macos big sur icon badge

Larry told the panel that everything is going to interchange very nicely between Thunderbolt 3 and 4 across both PC and Mac. He explained that Thunderbolt 4 cables are always “C to C,” and no matter what you plug it into, it will always work at maximum speed. The host and device work together so you will never have to worry about having the right cable. The Thunderbolt hub supports compatibility mode but you will have to run macOS 11 in order to use all of its capabilities.

Additional advantages are the elimination of daisy-chaining, more device stability, convenience, and better workflow and performance from devices. The biggest improvement mentioned was for PC users, as the Thunderbolt 4 is now featuring everything that Thunderbolt 3 was missing, including an 8K display. “As a PC owner, you will now have everything that Mac has,” said Larry.

“With the new Thunderbolt, it’s just going to work. It’s that simple. Just plug in and go.”

Larry O’Connor

New Apple Macs

all apple m1 macs – M1 Mac mini, M1 MacBook Air, M1 MacBook Pro 13-inch

Jeff Greenberg, CEO, and Owner of J Greenberg Consulting specializes in post-production, compression, color correction, and video editing. Jeff, on the hardware ecosystem of Apple’s M1, the Thunderbolt 4, and iPhones: “It’s a very exciting time to be a Mac user, as they are really pushing the envelope and putting pressure on other companies.”

Peter Wiggins, Editor in Chief at, explained that all of the new technology is important and that the 10.5 update is one of the biggest ever done because it runs on the new silicon, a Mac transition that Apple announced this past June.

“Everything works almost like they changed something under the hood, and I think they will sell thousands upon thousands of new Apple silicon machines.”

Peter Wiggins

iPhones and iPads telling a story

4th generation iPad Air showing photos app with women

Jonathan Sims, Owner of No Reservations Productions, is building one of the first OWC media centers in Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico. According to Jonathan, they are truly pioneering in his community, where media is still very taboo. “We’ve given kids a way to document what’s going on in their community from the inside out,” said Jonathan. “The kids are telling their own stories in the midst of a pandemic.” As a self-proclaimed Mac-geek, he said that the technology of shooting media on iPhones and iPads showed amazing potential.

According to Jeff, the big picture is the idea of 10-bit HDR phones creating great-looking pictures right out of your pocket.

“The best camera is the one that you have on you.” 

Jeff Greenberg, CEO, and Owner of J Greenberg Consulting

Watch the full summit video below.

Kim Wacker
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Kim is a seasoned content marketing professional with 14 years of corporate communications experience. Her sweet spot is with creative writing both short and long-form, and she has a proven track record working with IBM, Jackson Healthcare, and Walt Disney World, among many others. Kim is also a singer and actor and has been performing on stage and screen since she was a child. She has a great passion for TV and film production and went to school for broadcast journalism. Kim is the CEO & Founder of Wacker Social Enterprises and the Director of Operations & Senior Writer for Blade Ronner Media. You can also find her on IMDb. LinkedIn: BladeRonner Media: Wacker Social: Portfolio:
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  • Thunderbolt 4, M1, MacOS 11 (macOS 11) and more… ?

    8K on TB4, yet what Macs, currently, if any – support TB4? Sounds like TB4 adds a few features, 8K – so TB3 ‘Mac/Apple’ is just as good as TB4 on ‘Windows 10/intel’?

    Also the BT is buggy on the M1 Macs. This is very odd, since BT has been around since the Viking Ages (#facts).

    One basic feature that boggles my mind, for iPad – or maybe just iPad Pros is a lack of full multi-tasking, screen sharing (splitting, really) and apps that fail to follow commands (rotate). YES, I know many do not support this feature.

    Does Apple hate its DEVs or his paying customers, more? Which one, just curious.