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Hackernoon Author: What Apple ‘Should’ Tell You When You Lose an iPhone

iCloudWe speak often at the Rocket Yard about protecting your digital data. But there are times that your physical devices also need protected whether it’s in the case of fire, water damage or in the author of a recent Hackernoon post’s case – theft.

Joonas Kiminki recently wrote of his experience of having his iPhone stolen while on vacation in Italy. FindMyiPhoneKiminki did something simple that any of us might easily do – he left his iPhone in his rental car. It was an innocent thing to do, but it created big problems down the road.

Kiminki goes on to write about how he became a target of a rather sophisticated scam from the thief of the iPhone, who went to great lengths in an attempt to get Kiminki’s password and other data.

Fortunately, the equally savvy author was able to pinpoint minor details in the phony email and iCloud login that led him to thwart the thief’s effort. However, the article points out exactly how easy it is to become a victim of such efforts, even for “professionals”.

The author notes that victims of a recent physical iPhone theft should be on high alert for identity theft efforts in the following weeks and even months – something the Kiminki says that Apple should make clear to victims.

You can read more about Kiminki’s experience at Of course, the author makes recommendations on how to keep your own device and data safe. To see some of these steps you can take, check out some of our recent Rocket Yard articles.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Remember to stay safe and keep your devices and data secure.

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  • Posing as an informative article, but intended to sell a product, is itself a scam.

    • Hi, David. The author says that Apple should tell people who lose their iPhone to be extra cautious of potential identity theft attempts rather than just looking to find/replace the iPhone. He was the target of a sophisticated scam after his phone was lost.

  • My iPad was mistakenly taken by a co-worker one night. I used the find my iPhone app, and located the address the iPad was. I gave my head office a call, told them the story, and had my iPad in less than 30 minute. When I misplace 0ne 0f our 6 i devices, it always finds it in the car, or in the house. It’s a great app

  • I lost an iPhone over a year ago, used the find my iPhone app that showed the iPhone about 15 miles away on a common route that I used. My wife was cleaning a little used area in the house and found my iPhone there, destroyed my confidence in that app.