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Anything about OWC green efforts. Wind turbine, turtle crossing, edible packaging, etc.

Earth Day logo with a hand holding a green sprouting plant

Be Green & Save Some Green by Trading in Your Mac With OWC

Tomorrow is Earth Day, so we wanted to take the opportunity to share how you can help us be green by helping you be green. And in the process, pass along some green to you (i.e., cash). It’s a true win-win for everyone: you, us, and planet Earth! Every year, countless computers, phones, and other electronic devices unnecessarily make their way...

sustainable technology through recycling

Combating Climate Change Through Sustainable Technology

Welcome to the dystopia that is the earth in 2021. It's hard to talk about global climate without resorting to the words Alice used in Wonderland: "curiouser and curiouser." Murder hornets, unprecedented wildfires, snake-infested seafoam, and coastal erosion are just...

linux terminal window showing command line entries for installing lamp

LAMP & WordPress on a Reused, Recycled Mac mini Server

Our trusty Mac mini Linux server Although it's tempting to look at one of the new Apple Silicon Macs for various purposes, older Macs still have a lot of life left in them. In previous articles, I've set up a...

Reuse, Recycle: Transform an Old Mac Mini Into a Media Server Using Plex

Old Macs never die, they just get reused. An old MacBook becomes a school laptop for one of the kids. The old 21.5-inch iMac becomes a FaceTime "videophone" for Grandma. Macs have good longevity and older units are usable for a variety of purposes other than day-to-day work. Read along to see how we were able to transform a 2014 Mac mini into a home media server.

Kiss the Ground documentary film on Netflix

OWC CEO Larry O’Connor Helps Filmmaker Kiss the Ground on Netflix

This week we saw the debut of Josh and Rebecca Tickell’s feature documentary, Kiss the Ground on Netflix. It is both illuminating and inspiring. It provides an important look at the state of climate change and our environment. But whereas many documentaries of this nature leave you feeling depressed and scared to death, Kiss the Ground is a film that will leave you filled with hope.

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