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The Fabulous Life of the NuGuard KX!

globe-CameraThe NuGuard KX is no stranger to awards. It’s won a Gold Stevie for “New Product or Service of the year”, was named a winner in the “Beatweek Best of Show” at the 2013 CES, and no matter where it goes, it gets compliments on its movie star good looks. What can we say – it’s what happens when you live the extreme life of a KX. So it came as no surprise that the KX was invited to attend a pre-show event for the American Music Awards!

On Saturday, Nov. 23, OWC Larry and a few other members of Team OWC flew out for a quick trip to Los Angeles to participate in a celebrity gifting suite hosted at Club Nokia. Singers, actors, and TV stars were among the guests in attendance. Each star had an escort to take them around the booths to receive their assortment of free goodies. OWC was there to share our fabulous line of KX products.

We gifted the guests with KX cases for the iPhone 5/5S and 4/4S, iPad mini/with Retina display, and the newest edition for the iPad Air. And while we were there, we of course displayed some of our most popular OWC products and got a lot of people excited about upgrading their Macs as well!

The guests let out their best Hollywood screams as they watched OWC Larry carelessly toss his personal iPhone up in the air, letting it hit the ground without a second thought; then laughed as he challenged them to do the same with their own phones. Without fail, the collective gasp of onlookers every time a phone dropped was worthy of a blockbuster movie.

Then all were amazed as each time the phones made it through the falls unscathed. We even convinced a few people to change their own cases on the spot for a KX. One of those people? Actress/singer Gloria Loring—composer of TV show theme songs, star of “Days of our Lives,” and did we mention the mother of singer Robin Thicke? We also ran into many stars from the Disney Channel, contestants on shows such as “The Apprentice,” “American Idol” and “The X Factor,” and the movie of the season, “The Hunger Games”.

At the end of the day, we made KX believers out of a lot of people. As an added bonus, members of Team OWC from our Woodstock facility got to experience warm weather for probably the last time until March! But most importantly, we realized the KX was born to be a star – or at least, phone case to the stars.

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